Visual environment for designing interactive learning scenarios with augmented reality and other
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VEDILS is a visual tool, based on the MIT App Inventor 2 environment, to design interactive learning scenarios which can be deployed on Android devices.

We have extended the App Inventor block language to allow the development of Augmented Reality resources, the tracking of user interaction data as well as the recognition of hand gestures and other features.

This website provides information about our project as well as the teaching/learning resources and case studies developed so far.

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Authoring tool

With this authoring tool teachers and other stakeholders can easily create interactive applications which can be implemented on mobile phones and tablets.

User Interface Design

You can entirely design a mobile application and incorporate virtual objects to be deployed with AR.

Design Behaviour

By using a visual programming language, behaviour according to user interaction, can be designed, including interactions with virtual objects of AR.


A special version of AICompanion facilitates real-time application testing from a device connected to Wifi or an USB device.

Information Retrieval

Tracking of user interactions and results of user actions may be store for further analysis.


Several extensions have been created to include features such as augmented reality, virtual reality, multimodal interaction, data analytics and so on, in our mobile apps. Further extensions are currently under development, so stay tuned and follow updates from our documentation page.



Have a look at the documentation, tutorials and videos to get an idea of the possibilities VEDILS provides you.

Releases, documentation, tutorials and academic publications

VEDILS' Youtube channel

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VEDILS can be used without downloading anything to your computer. Please, feel free to develop your own Android apps enriched with Augmented Reality and other capabilities in our testing environment.

Notice: Please, backup your projects, because they might be automatically removed for maintenance reasons, without any prior notification.

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In order to do live testing on your Android devices, you must have previously installed the VEDILS Companion.


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